Unreal Engine Developer (Tools/SDK)

Job description

LIV is looking for an Unreal Engine developer to come in and own the task of upgrading & maintaining our Unreal SDK.

LIVs main quest line is to empower VR content creators and game developers to connect with, and interact with their audiences in real-time.

LIV has the biggest content creator & game developer user base in VR behind it. Your work will be impacting end-users in the rawest sense - you'll be part of their workflow!

We'll expect you to take pride in your work here; keenly learn and

grow along with us. Our relationship with developers is critical, and code is the interface by which they work with us. 

    Job requirements

    Your Quest

    • Work with LIV engine team to upgrade & maintain the LIV Unreal SDK.
    • Continue to iterate on, and dive deep into how Unreal Engine does rendering to unlock performance & quality wins for LIV.
    • Support game developers in their LIV SDK integration efforts.

    Quest prerequisites

    • Excellent written & verbal communication skills.
      • You need to be able to both give, and take critical feedback without ego.
    • Commitment to ongoing code quality maintenance & documentation.
      • If it's broken, let's throw it out and do better!
    • Proficiency with Unreal Engine.
    • A strong understanding of rendering in Unreal Engine.
    • Having been involved in shipping a game.
    • May your commits be small, and frequent.
    • Two or more years of professional working experience.
    • Be passionate about virtual reality, live streaming and/or gaming.


    • Experience working with UBT.
    • Experience with shaders.
    • Experience developing VR in Unreal.
    • Experience with DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan or similar graphics APIs.
    • Have a degree related to computer science.
    • Have experience working with remote teams.
    • Come from a background of streaming, bulletin boards/forums or watch live streams.
    • Play lots of any kind of games. Board games, VR games, tabletop RPGs, PC games.. any kind of games really!
    • Own a VR headset.