iOS Engineer

Job description

LIVs main quest line is to empower VR content creators and game developers to connect with, and interact with their audiences in real-time. And now, we’re looking for experienced mobile developers for mobile VR compositing, empowering mobile VR users to share their experiences in real-time.

We have the biggest content creator & game developer user base in VR behind us. Your work will be impacting end-users in the rawest sense - you'll be part of their workflow!

All of the jobs @ LIV are 100% remote, and we've been distributed since day 1 : ) Join the nerdiest team in showbiz!

Job requirements

Skill points we're looking for, generally:

- Comfort and experience working with projects that cross IDE boundaries.

- Experience in AR, either ARKit or ARCore - a basis for knowledge is the important detail.

- Experience working with ML models and deploying them. TensorFlow Lite experience is something we're looking for.


- Experience working with Metal.

- Experience working with Objective-C and/or Swift.

- Experience working with Objective-C++.

Nice to haves:
- Experience working with Djinni or similar cross-platform development tools.