Android Engineer

Job description

The Guild

We have an obsession with creating shared experiences between creators and their fans, building both the technology to make the content itself and the technology to interact with creators live. 

Working at LIV means working with people who are guided by respect, transparency, kindness and direct feedback. We care a lot about communication and there is no room for ego, office politics or discrimination of any kind. 

We strongly dislike processes for the sake of processes (a.k.a bureaucracy), and we take a lean, iterative approach to product where we measure success by the value we drive to our users. 

All of the jobs @ LIV are 100% remote, and we've been distributed since day 1. LIV team members are all over the world. Years before COVID, we decided that distributed work was our calling, and as a result, we’ve learned how to be effective, and build a close-knit team while being remote. 

If this sounds interesting, then in the famous words of Deckard Cain... stay awhile and listen!

Job requirements

The Main Questline

We’re looking for experienced mobile developers for mobile VR compositing, empowering mobile VR users to share their experiences in real-time.

We have the biggest content creator & game developer user base in VR behind us. Your work will be impacting end-users in the rawest sense - you'll be part of their workflow!

Quest Rewards

Some of the perks that we will continue to level up as we grow!

  • Fully Remote Work Environment
  • Work Whenever You Want
  • Work With VR And Mixed Reality Industry Pioneers
  • Company Retreats 2X/Year (Can you pls go away, COVID?)
  • Very Cool Company Partners
  • 16 Weeks Paid Parental Leave
  • Welcome Pack (Virtual Reality Equipment)
  • Company Expensed Professional Growth

Prerequisite Talents

You, the future LIV adventurer, have skill points assigned to:

  • Android project maintenance
  • Experience developing SDKs/plugins for Android
  • Experience in Java & C++ interop
  • Performance optimization and profiling
  • Experience working with Unity on Android
  • Experience in AR / VR APIs (ARKit, ARCore, etc..)

Important Skills

  • Experience working with Java / JNI / C
  • Experience building 3d applications for a wide range of devices, and knowledge of common pitfalls
  • Experience working with ML + GPU programming: OpenGL ES 3.0/2.0, and/or Vulkan

Nice-to-have Buffs

  • Multithreading
  • IoT WiFi communication
  • Deployment & optimization of ML models on mobile platforms
  • Experience working with fully-remote teams
  • Come from a background of streaming, bulletin boards/forums or watch live streams
  • Play lots of any kind of games. Board games, VR games, tabletop RPGs, PC games.. any kind of games really!
  • Own a VR headset.